Private Data Center Suites

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Private, secure client suites

Our Threat Isolation Technology is reinventing web security by isolating and eliminating malware, phishing and other advanced threats.


Plan, Build and Run your IT Environment in one location.


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Fully Private Dedicated Space. Expand at your will.

Delivering a True Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Data Center Solutions.

EMP Data Center Company is a premier provider of enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions and professional services. The company has pioneered the transformation of the traditional data center model, setting a new benchmark for the way major enterprises access, collaborate and manage data across their communications infrastructure.

EMP Data Center Company's extremely scalable, high-efficiency data centers deliver Tier-3+ availability, with uncompromising security, reliability, control supported by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Using the FLEXSuite solutions portfolio as an on-boarding vehicle, EMP Data Center Company assists clients by transforming the way IT is consumed, no matter where they are on the technology adoption/maturity curve.

We deploy modern processes to grow, secure and optimize business.

  Access to the technological pulse of infrastructure and security is one call away..

• Dedicated power and cooling infrastructure
• Scalable high-density power levels and
• Scalable floor space options for all private suites
• 2N UPS and N+1 A/C in separate space

• Full climate control (temperature and humidity)
pumped refrigerant A/C
• Secure hard-wall suites with physical security
(electronic access and camera)
• Protected by access-card
• Bio-metric entry doors
• Dedicated private space

• Greater vertical cabinet utilization
• Capability of easily adding SQ Feet
• Power densities to private suites
• Threat Isolation Technology
• DOD Gaurd
• 6 Internet Connections

• 99.9% Uptime
• Multiple Grid Power Connections
• HIPAA Compliant
• Worm Compliant for Finra
• 3 Megawatts of Power
• Battery Backups for redundancy