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What we offer

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia there live the blind texts.

We offer wide range of services from BPO to lead generation and support services. We are one of the leading companies which offer services at very competitive rates.

VIS has adopted the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence, enabling its clients across a wide range of industries to transform into a truly digital as well as a data driven enterprise. Its customized solutions help enterprises maximize productivity, improve speed and accuracy.

Why Opt for us when you already have a service provider?
In this age of ever changing environment “Change is the only constant”

Generally we look out for changes because either we expect value for money through better services and commitment level. Some of our clients were so satisfied with quality of our competitors that they settled in thinking that this is the best quality they can, what they missed is that there are even better players in the market and we always set a new benchmark!

BPO Virtual Assistant

Our company provides a range of vertical services; which are targeted towards global clients. Our approach to BPO services is to offer a totally bespoke solution – whatever the sector. We are highly passionate about our combined efforts

Lead Generation

We help to cater to your prospects by using a combination of Smart Lead Generation method that uses traditional search methods as well as AI. With this we assure our clients of the best quality leads and bringing the customer to your door step.

Back Office Operations

Our Back Office Outsourcing support will allow you to focus on core business, as well as offer cost effective solutions. We provide services of data processing with high accuracy as well as efficiency.


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